Odour – Out Powder




– 100% Environment & ozone friendly, totally bio-degradable & organic.

– Odour-out consists of thousands of dirt & grime absorbing microsponges.

– Revolutionary cleaning agents break down dirt as it is absorbed into these sponges.

– Non-toxic & Non-irritant.

– Odour-out removes wet stains and odours from your upholstery, seats, fabric, mattresses and carpets      without shrinking or discolouring.


Directions for use:

1) Soak up bulk of liquid.

2) Sprinkle evenly over affected area.

3) Work/rub into fabric.

4) Leave on fabric to dry.

5) Vacuum.

6) For stubborn stains, repeat process.

7) For dry stains wet area and repeat process.



– 500ml Shaker Bottle without dispersing insert

– Product code:PC4810

– Colour: Transparent

– Fragrance: Our Secret Cocktail



– Avoid contact if you have unusually sensitive skin.

– Do not use in a confined space if you suffer from respiratory problems.

– If ingested phone your physician.

– For contact with eyes, rinse well with running water.

– Store in a cool place.

– Read the instructions carefully.

– Keep lid closed and in the same container.

– Keep away from children and animals.