Stop Chew





– Stop chew is an extremely bitter solution that discourages

dogs from chewing objects in their environment.

– This product is made from natural ingredients, Is long lasting,

non-greasy, non-toxic and does not stain.

– 100% environment & ozone friendly, Bio-degradable & organic.

– Non-toxic & non-irritant.



– Shake well before use.

– Spray stop-chew over the areas that need protection.

– The bitter taste of stop-chew spray should discourage most animals from

chewing sprayed items.

– This product should not cause any stains, but for safety, spray a small hidden area

as a test first.




– 250ml White Spray Bottle

– Product Code: PC 4807

– Colour: Transparent

– Fragrance: Bitter



– Keep out of reach of children and animals.

– Do not sprinkle on consumables.

– Not for internal use.

– Store in cool place.

– Keep lid closed and in the same container.